The DSX-5000 is the successor to the industry leading DTX Cable Analyzer and is part of the modular Fluke Versiv family of testers

The copper test solution enables testing and certification of CAT5e,6,6A or Class FA structured cabling systems up to 1000MHz with Level V accuracy

The DSX-5000 is fully compatible with the LinkWare test results management PC software allowing professional reports to be produced with ease for both copper and fibre optic cabling




The modular Versiv platform also includes options for fibre optic loss certification, OTDR and WIFI analysis

The ProjX management system and Taptive user interface are among major enhancements that deliver easier and faster testing with significant cost savings for customers

ProjX allows project details to be saved eliminating the need to re-enter job specific details after starting a project. This minimises setup errors or lost files when switching from one job to another or using multiple testers on a single job

The test schedule for a project can be defined in the office and downloaded to each tester. The engineer just selects the project relating to the site and can begin testing without worrying about the test setup

This eliminates errors and wasted effort/time/money due to the wrong tests being performed

Test results are managed by cable ID and changes can be merged without duplication. Project testing progress can be monitored in real time with a 0-100% scale of completion against the test schedule

ProjX allows the operator to isolate any test that requires a second look and the ‘fix later’ option automatically creates a ‘to do’ list for rework

The Taptive user interface has a capacitive touchscreen and intuitive menus that simplify setup, eliminates errors and speeds troubleshooting regardless of technician skill levels

Tests are automatically completed with unsurpassed speed. For example CAT6A certification in 10 seconds, or certification of 2 fibres at two wavelengths in both directions in just 3 seconds

The Dedicated Diagnostics one button test allows the user to pinpoint the source of failures without frequency limitations. Even the distance to a shield integrity fault can be measured using a patented technique


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