FlexScan OTDR

  • 1310/1550/1650 nm,
  • 1310/1550 nm
  • or 1550 nm only wavelengths.
  • All versions are available with integrated Optical Light Source (OLS), Optical Power Meter (OPM), Visual Fault Locator (VFL) and Bluetooth/WiFi.

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  • Fast, accurate SmartAuto OTDR network characterization or fault location
  • Easy to understand LinkMap results with pass/fail indications
  • 1310/1550/1650 nm PON OTDR (in- or out-of-service testing)
  • 1310/1550 nm versions for complete network characterization
  • 1550 nm only version for cost-effective troubleshooting
  • Alerts users to live fibers and poor launch conditions
  • Integrated Source, Power Meter, VFL (visual fault locator)
  • Bluetooth and WiFi communications
  • Compatible with FOCIS Flex connector inspection system
  • Rugged, lightweight, hand-held for field use
  • Large, bright touchscreen display easily viewed indoors and out
  • Internal / external data storage via USB, Bluetooth, or WiFi
  • 12-hour Telcordia battery operation Applications
  • PON or point-to-point network verification or troubleshooting
  • Optical network installation, troubleshooting and maintenance
  • OTDR testing plus Insertion Loss and Power measurements
  • Locate faults exceeding industry or user pass/fail thresholds
  • Visually pinpoint location of macro-bends or breaks inside cabinets and splice closures

FlexScan OTDR with SmartAuto™ and LinkMap

SmartAuto Provides Network-optimized Test Settings In SmartAuto mode, a FlexScan OTDR automatically determines the characteristics of the network under test and rapidly completes multiple scans using a variety of network-optimized acquisition settings. It precisely locates and identifies network events, as well as measures loss and reflectance for each detected event. SmartAuto supports two test modes: Locate End & Faults (for fast network troubleshooting) and Characterize Fiber (for more complete installation verification). For even greater ease-of-use, FlexScan checks for live fiber and verifies the OTDR launch connection before initiating a test. Dual and triple-wavelength FlexScan OTDRs also provide automatic macro-bend detection.


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