We offer a `No repair – No fee` service on cable testers including a free evaluation, all we ask is that in the event that we have been unable to repair your unit that you cover the cost of the return back to you.

Please contact us with as much information as you can about the apparent fault with your unit such as photos of the fault, error codes shown on the display etc to help us with our diagnosis prior to sending it in to us.

Most of the common faults can be repaired subject to component availability, most basic faults can be repaired but faults that are caused by main manufacturer only components such as CPU`s cannot as these components are only available at the manufacturer of the product. Here are just a few Faults that can be repaired:

  • Power failures (units do not turn on)
  • Battery charging faults
  • Resistance faults
  • NEXT faults
  • Length faults
  • Display faults