We all agree it is nice and in some cases imperative to upgrade to the next range of cable certifiers but for some companies this is not always affordable or necessary to do therefore we are able to provide services to maintain obsolete equipment thus keeping your testers running and saving you money.

We will provide continued support for most cable testers for as long as stocks and availability on parts are available to maintain operation of your cable testers.

Long after manufacturers have withdrawn support we will calibrate instruments and provide cable repairs/refurbishment where possible.

For years after the Omni Scanner and DSP range of testers were made obsolete we have been providing support keeping these testers running, and now the DTX range is coming to an end we are offering support for this also.

  • PLA Adaptor Repairs and refurbishing
  • PLA Cable Conversion
  • Channel Adaptor Repairs / Refurbish
  • Battery Refurbish
  • Calibration